Twitter Engagement is on the Rise after the US Election

The United States is just one month removed from one of the most surprising and heated elections in history. In unprecedented quantities, people took to their favorite social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to voice their opinions. More than any previous presidential candidate, President-elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter for a variety of newsworthy statements, and data from the shows the social network’s sudden growth in engagement may be tied to the latest election.

Facebook saw a sizeable 7.6% increase in daily active usage after the election, rising from 19.9 minutes per day to 21.4 minutes per day. However, both image-based apps Instagram and Snapchat have seen decreases of 3.9% and .1% respectively after the election.
Last but not least, there’s Twitter.
After reports of slowdown of growth, not very impactful feature updates, and a general lack of role definition, Twitter has been looking for some good news. Fortunately for them, they may have found their most important celebrity tweeter. United States President-elect Donald Trump utilized Twitter for a variety of newsworthy and news-making purposes during his campaign, and continues to use Twitter as he prepares for his next role in the Oval Office.
With Trump’s preference for tweeting often and openly on topics such as baseless claims that millions of Clinton voters voted illegally and expensive airplane contracts, the eyes of both news organizations and civilians alike are honed in on Twitter. At least for now, Twitter looks to be visibly benefitting from this additional attention. Since the election, Twitter is used 12.3% more than it was prior to the election, the biggest improvement among the top four social media networks.

In addition to a boost in engagement time, Twitter is also see gains in active users. When Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all failed to see any growth in usership after the election, 4.7% more Americans use Twitter now than they did before the election. The endurance of these results are yet to be seen, but there is no doubt that Twitter is enjoying the latest attention from the next president of the United States.


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