Fall’s Trending Android Games in the US: Fallout, Bubble Witch, WSOP, and more.

In today's post, we'll look at the top trending apps in Android (Fallout Pip-Boy, Bubble Witch 2 Saga, Blossom Blast Saga, World Series of Poker - WSOP, and Pixduel) to see which apps are being played the most, as well as which games consume the most of your battery life, data plan, and CPU utilization.

Every month there are new Android games climbing ranks and falling down the Google Play ladder. With Android power gamers constantly looking out for fresh games to conquer or play with friends, Google Play’s top games list shifts more frequently than other Google Play categories that tend to be steadier.
For the month of November, there were five Android games that debuted on the list of the 50 most played despite not being among the top 100 games during October.

Fallout Pip-Boy (11th most played game): The companion app to the massively-popular console and computer game, Fallout 4, saw a huge spike in usage with Fallout 4’s record-breaking release.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga (19th most played game): The casual gaming development king, appropriately called King, has grown its latest brain game Bubble Witch 2 Saga, catapulting it into the 20 most-played games.

Blossom Blast Saga (32nd most played game): The flower-linking version of the King.com’s Saga series rose up to the 32nd spot, after being outside of the top 100 in October.

World Series of Poker - WSOP (49th most played game): The holiday season has gotten US gamers in a gambling mood, with the popular poker Android app up to spot 49.

Pixduel (50th most played game): Pop-culture quizzing has taken the nation by storm, making Pixduel the 50th most popular game in November, despite not being ranked in October. For these 5 trending Google Play Android games, we’ll take a look at how they compare regarding usage, data consumption, CPU, and battery drain.

Usage: Gameplay Time

  1. Blossom Blast Saga Android gameplay time: 34 minutes per day
    Despite the similar gameplay styles, King’s Blossom Blast gets triple the daily playtime as their other game, Bubble Witch 2 Saga.
  2. Fallout Pip-Boy Android gameplay time: 23.4 minutes per day
    Fallout 4 has received rave reviews and reports of high addictiveness, and users have found themselves turning to the Android companion app as well.
  3. World Series of Poker - WSOP Android gameplay time: 16.4 minutes per day
  4. Bubble Witch 2 Saga Android gameplay time: 11.2 minutes per day
  5. Pixduel Android gameplay time: 11.0 minutes per day

Front Data Usage

  1. Fallout Pip-Boy Android Data Usage: 63.7 MB per Hour
    Not only will Fallout 4 consume your time, but Pip-Boy will consume your data usage at a high rate as well.
  2. Pixduel Android Data Usage: 44.6 MB per Hour
  3. World Series of Poker - WSOP Android Data Usage: 11.5 MB per Hour
  4. Bubble Witch 2 Saga Android Data Usage: 3.6 MB per Hour
  5. Blossom Blast Saga Android Data Usage: 0.8 MB per Hour
    Blossom Blast Saga is not only the most-played trending game, it is also the most data-efficient.

Trending Android CPU

  1. Blossom Blast Saga CPU Usage: 19%
    Despite the high data efficiency, Blossom Blast can take a toll on your CPU utilization.
  2. Bubble Witch 2 Saga CPU Usage: 12.3%
  3. Fallout Pip-Boy Android Data Usage: CPU Usage: 12%
  4. World Series of Poker - WSOP CPU Usage: 11.2%
  5. Pixduel CPU Usage: 6.9%
    While you may be racking your brain answering the latest pop culture stumper, at least Pixduel won’t be straining your device’s brain (CPU).

Battery Drainage

  1. Blossom Blast Saga Battery Drain: 721 mW (foreground) and 269 mW (background)
  2. Fallout Pip-Boy Battery Drain: 660 mW (foreground) and 275 mW (background)
  3. World Series of Poker – WSOP Battery Drain: 541 mW (foreground) and 137 mW (background)
  4. Bubble Witch 2 Saga Battery Drain: 439 mW (foreground) and 92 mW (background)
  5. Pixduel Battery Drain: 442 mW (foreground) and 220 mW (background)
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