Traveling Soon? Make Sure Your Travel App Doesn’t Leave You with a Dead Battery

Traveling is fun, but can also be a chaotic process—that’s why travel apps aim at helping you with flights, hotels, car rentals, and more, where they become a one stop destination for all your essential travel needs.

While these apps may be most heavily used during your trip, these apps also continue to pop up to serve the latest deals and savings, running in the background. Therefore, it’s important that these apps don’t run excessively in the background and drain your device’s battery, which is especially crucial while you’re traveling to new places.
Below, we’ve looked into 6 popular travel apps globally—Expedia, TripAdvisor, Booking, Kayak, Trivago, and to gain a better insight on how long they’re running in the background, and how much battery they drain while you’re using other apps.


Of the apps listed, TripAdvisor ran for an average of almost 8 hours a day—TripAdvisor runs about 4x longer in the background than the app, which comes in second in background duration. is followed by Booking (.51 hours/user/day), Trivago (.43 hours/user/day), Kayak (.39 hours/user/day), and Expedia (.23 hours/user/day).


Although Kayak only ran on average .39 hours/user/day in the background, the travel app had the highest battery drain rate amongst the 6 at 125.66 mW. The second highest battery draining app of the list is TripAdvisor’s, with a battery rain rate of 119.50 mW—this paired with the app’s excessive background run time of 8 hours makes the TripAdvisor app the least optimal for your device’s battery health when compared to the other 5 travel apps. As for the rest, Expedia (100.4 mW), Booking (80.88 mW), (42.15 mW), and Trivago (38.19 mW) battery drain rate coupled with the apps’ low background run times makes these apps much more battery friendly and device efficient.

As all these travel apps essentially try to provide the same service (from flights, to hotels, rentals, and even activities), we suggest you look into them for your next planned trek around the globe to see which works best for you and your device. The last thing you’ll want is for your battery to run out before your adventure even begins.