App Developer MobilityWare Takes Gold, Silver, and Bronze in US Card Games Market

Within the Mobile Game Card Playing space, one app developer dominates the arena. The market share of app developer MobilityWare is unparalleled, with 3 of their top card games accounting for 43.1% of all card game play on Android, a popular category with thousands of app options for consumers to choose from. There are more choices than ever to please mobile gamers. On Google Play, there are over a dozen different game subcategories such as Role Playing Games (RPG), Action games, Card games, Racing games, Puzzles and various more that cater to the diverse spectrum of gamers in the United States. Of these games subgenres, the card games category has the highest engagement among users, averaging 17 minutes per user per day and is the second most played game category behind Adventure. According to the Crowdsourced Community—where millions of global consumers anonymously contribute real-time app usage and performance data on more than 6 million app versions—mobile card gamers account for 20% of the entire games panel and 15% of active game time usage devoted to card games in the United States.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the 10 hottest card games during July 2016 based on the percentage of active gameplay usage dedicated to the game amongst all card games.

10 Most Popular Card Games (July 2016) alt Of the 10 most popular card games, mobile app game developer MobilityWare dominates the card games arena when looking at total percentage of card gameplay. Three of the top 10 card games are Mobilityware’s Solitaire (25.2%), Spider Solitaire (12.3%), and Freecell Solitaire (5.6%). Following close behind MobilityWare’s Freecell Solitaire is Ken’s Magic Solitaire (5.5%), Harpan’s Solitaire (4.2%), 250+ Solitaire Collection (3.4%), World Series of Poker (3.4%), Candy Mobile Solitaire Classic (3.2%), and TaoGames Solitaire (2.9%). Landing in the 10th spot is Branium’s Spider Solitaire, with 1.9% of the total active card game usage dedicated to the game.

MobilityWare must be doing something different, and definitely right, to take the top 3 consecutive spots in the card games category among the multitude of available card games on Google Play. Solitaire is a simple game, but MobilityWare differentiates their solitaire games by incorporating higher quality graphics, personalized themes, and daily challenges for users to accomplish to name a few unique features.


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