9 Popular Android Racing Games with the Highest CPU Usage Rates

This week’s AppQuest Community Report compares the CPU usage rates of popular Android racing games. Check out more AppQuest app reports here.

Racing is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. Some people race cars, motorcycles, or even snails. But for those of us who don’t have the means to do any of those things, we have Android racing games. Among the multiple game sub-genres, Android racing is among the most played. Within Android racing game apps, there’s plenty of variety, whether you want more simplistic racing, to high definition 3D sports car racing.

Although these graphics and Android racing games get better and better, that often means a higher consumption of resources, such as CPU usage, which can lead to your Android device working slower than you’d like. To help you find which most popular Android racing apps may be draining vital Android CPU, here is a new AppQuest Community report, provided by True Booster, a free app monitoring app available on Google Play.

1.Stickman Stunts CPU Usage – 59%
Stickman Stunts CPU Android racing game

Stickman Stunts wins the checkered flag with the highest Android CPU usage of any racing game. Stickman Stunts Android CPU usage rate of 59% is over 4 times higher than the average racing game’s consumption (14%). This comes as a surprise, given Stickman Stunts’s relatively simpler graphics (when compared to the 3D Android racing games).

2.Motor World Car Factory CPU Usage – 53%

Motor World Car Factory Android Racing Games CPU Usage

Motor World Car Factory comes in 2nd with an average Android CPU usage rate of 53%, which means it uses 381% more CPU than the average Android racing game.

3.Fast Racing – CPU Usage 34%

Fast Racing Android CPU - Android Racing Games

The Fast Racing Android CPU usage of 34% comes in over 3 times higher than the average Android racing games CPU usage rate. This can be attributed to nice graphics and the replay ability.

4.Racers Vs Cops CPU Usage – 31%

Racers vs Cops CPU Android racing games

This fun game gives you the need for speed, but the Racers vs Cops Android CPU usage of 31% may be slowing your device down.

5.CSR Racing CPU Usage – 22%

CSR Racing Android Racing Game CPU usage

With HD graphics of some beautiful cars, it’s no surprise to see a high CSR Racing Android CPU usage rate of 22%.

With CSR Racing rounding out the top 5 highest CPU users, below are 4 additional Android racing games that use more CPU than the Android racing games category average:

Android Racing Games CPU Usage Graph

6.Trials Frontier CPU Usage – 21%

Trials Frontier CPU usage Android Racing games
7. Rally Racer Drift CPU Usage – 21%

Rally Racer Drift Android racing games CPU usage
8. 4X4 Off-Road Rally 2 CPU Usage – 21%

4x4 Off-Road Rally 2 Android CPU racing games
9. Turbo FAST CPU Usage – 18%

Turo FAST Android Racing CPU usage

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