Pokemon GO Unavailable on Google Play? No Problem for Die-Hards in these Countries

Pokemon GO first released on July 6th in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and has since then been slowly adding dozens more countries to the list. However, the excitement and sensationalism that surrounds Pokemon GO has users across the world desperately waiting for the game to become available on their respective app stores. For users in countries such as Mexico and Colombia where Pokemon GO is unavailable for download, users still found ways to get it on their mobile devices. According to the AppQuest.io Crowdsourced Community—where millions of global consumers anonymously contribute real-time app usage and performance data on more than 6 million app versions— Mexico has the highest percentage of active Pokemon GO players (20%) among countries in which Pokemon GO is currently unavailable, with users spending an average of 31 minutes per day on playing the augmented reality game; Colombia comes in second with 15% of active Pokemon Go users spending an average of 27.75 mins/day catching Pokemon.

Pokemon GO’s Active Panel in Unavailable Countries alt When looking at countries where Pokemon GO is currently unavailable, Mexico has the largest percentage of active games panel of Pokemon GO users (20%); following closely behind is Colombia, with 15%. Beyond these two countries, we also see South Korea (5%), Taiwan (5%), India (4%), Brazil (3%), and Russia (2%) with active percentage of Pokemon GO players.

Although Pokemon GO is unavailable on Google Play for these countries, the augmented reality game is still impressively in the top 10 games for these countries.

Pokemon GO’s Daily Active Usage in Unavailable Countries alt Although Pokemon GO users in Russia make up a small percentage of their total active games panel (2%), they spend the most time playing Pokemon GO, clocking in at 33.16 minutes per day. Pokemon GO users in Mexico, Colombia, and India follow behind with 31.02 minutes per day, 27.75 minutes per day, and 17.63 minutes per day, respectively. Spending less than 10 minutes a day among Pokemon GO’s unavailable countries are South Korea (5.91 mins/day), Taiwan (4.35 mins/day), and Brazil (3.48 mins/day).

As Niantic continues to roll out Pokemon GO to more countries, they should consider releasing it to Russia, Mexico, Colombia, and India soon—users are already hyped up and ready to be part of the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon GO.

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