News Mobile Apps Gaining Users since Election

The results are in, with the race for the US presidency, House of Representatives, and Senate decided. In perhaps the most soundbite-heavy election cycle in recent histor, Americans turned to their news apps to stay up-to-date. While the election results have been decided, the team here wanted to see which news apps Americans turned to most, and how the top news apps are faring after election day.

News aggregator Flipboard has the most active users, with 13.3% of all US mobile users actively engaging with the popular app for tracking all their favorite topics. Fox News is the second most used with a market penetration of 8.7%, narrowly beating out CNN’s 8.6%. Despite Fox News’ market share victory over its ideological rival, CNN saw the biggest increase in market share post-election. CNN’s 23.8% rise in market share was nearly double the 2nd highest shift (New York Times increased 12.0%). Fox News’ Android app still saw a 5.1% increase after the election, but this was the lowest among the top news apps. In addition to trailing CNN and New York Times, Fox News’ 5.1% increase was significantly less than the UK’s BBC (11.7% increase), non-profit NPR (10.5% increase), and Huffington Post (7.5% increase).

Despite having the highest market share, Flipboard experiences the lowest active usage per user, with half a minute of usage per day. Fox News leads the field with 3.6 minutes of usage per day, followed closely by Huffington Post (3.2 minutes per day). However, when comparing the engagement before the election vs after, Fox News only picked up 3.1%, which pales in comparison to CNN’s 18.3% post-election jump and even BBC’s 14.1% hike. Both the New York Times and Huffington Post saw decreases after the election’s conclusion (-6% drop and -.5% drop, respectively).

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