Marvelous Messaging Apps: 5 Android Messaging Apps that Save Battery Life

Since the dawn of time, Android users have actively searched for alternatives to Android’s stock messaging app. Plenty of over-the-top messaging services have found niche audiences and have been quite successful in expanding globally. No longer are the days of just exchanging text messages.

Today, many apps give the feature to call, video chat, and share rich media. These features are a ton of fun, but can also strain your device’s battery life. After averaging the 100 most popular communications apps among the App Quest Community, we discovered the average battery drain rate is 613 mW. Below is a list of five popular Android messaging apps that won’t drain your battery.

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1. BBM 248.1 mW Battery Drain Rate alt

Blackberry fans rejoiced as the highly-acclaimed messaging service made its way to both iOS and Android last month. In addition to largely positive reviews, BBM tops our chart as the most battery-efficient messaging app with a battery drain rate of 248.1 mW, which is over 60% less than the average top messaging app!

2. Signal Private Messenger 442.8 mW Battery Drain Rate alt

With a recent rise in privacy concerns, Signal Private Messenger has helped eased consumer’s minds on private, an safe, communication. TextSecure runs smoothly with a 433 mW drain rate.

3. Viber 553.6 mW Battery Drain Rate alt

Viber has amassed over 200 million users who love to text, call, photo-share, video-share, and more. At a 553.6 mW battery drain rate, Viber is 10% more efficient than the average top messaging app. This is even more impressive considering Viber’s rich media-sharing and calling features.

4. WeChat 566.2 mW Battery Drain Rate alt

WeChat, which sends free texting, voice messages, and video calls; is on fire with over 300 million users. Initially popular in China, this app is rapidly expanding worldwide.

5. MessageMe 572.8 Battery Drain Rate alt

Over the last several months, MessageMe has expanded their product offering and their audience. Newer features include music sharing, stickers, location-sharing, and more features are on the way. At 572.8 mW, MessageMe saves you battery; coming in 40 mW under the average.

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