Finnish Gamers Lead the Way as the Most Engaged Pokemon Go Players in the World

Pokemon Go, which has already become the leader in the US mobile games market by a large margin, with regards to total gameplay time, has slowly continued to be rolled out to a couple dozen more countries throughout the world. As observed from the CrowdSource Community, where millions of global consumers anonymously donate real-time app usage and performance data on more than 6 million app versions, Pokemon Go players in Finland have been the most consumed by Pokemon Go. Users in Finland play the most Pokemon Go per day (52.3 minutes per day per user) and spend the biggest portion of game-related app usage playing Pokemon Go (71.9%) of any major country in which Pokemon Go is available on Google Play.

Pokemon Go’s Daily Usage Worldwide

Among major countries with Pokemon Go installed, players in Finland are the most heavily-invested, playing 52.3 minutes of Pokemon Go per day. Following Finland is New Zealand (44.9 minutes per day), United States (41.2 minutes per day), and Czech Republic (39.2 minutes per day). Pokemon Go players in Croatia are the least engaged with the app, only playing 13.1 minutes per day. Croatia precedes Greece (16.8 minutes per day), Portugal (20.1 minutes per day), and Romania (23.1 minutes per day) as the countries with the least-engaged Pokemon Go players.

Percent of Total Gameplay Devoted to Pokemon Go

When looking at how much Pokemon Go was being played 3 days after launching in respective countries (since Pokemon Go was released in different countries at different times in July), users in Finland proved to be the most passionate. Three days after its release, Finnish gamers spent 71.9% of all game-related app usage time playing Pokemon Go, which is over 20% more than Canada, which had the second highest Pokemon Go usage (51.1%). Romania had the lowest percentage of game time spent playing Pokemon Go (20.3%) and precedes Greece (20.5%) and Croatia (21.9%).


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