Android Puzzle Games Battery Drain Rates for Popular Games such as Sudoku, Cut the Rope, and Tetris

*Today’s community report reveals the average Android puzzle games battery drain rate for some of the most popular games on Google Play. *

Among the Google Play Android games section are plenty of subgenres to fit every gamer. Android puzzle games are among the most popular game categories, with users spending hours at a time attempting to solve addictive Android games like 2048 and Bejeweled. With the addictive quality of these games, it is important that Android puzzles games battery drain rate isn’t excessive so that you can play your favorite puzzle as long as you’d like. The average Android puzzle app consumes 782 mW. Here are 5 popular Android puzzle apps with the lowest battery drain rate.

1. Block Puzzle Battery Drain Rate: 351 mW

Block Puzzle is the best battery saving puzzle game

Block Puzzle, a new edition of a Tetris-type puzzle game, comes in as the best Android puzzle game for your Android battery. It only consumes 351 mW of battery. The Block Puzzle battery drain is less than half of the average Android puzzle game category, which is 782 mW.

2. Sudoku 4ever Free Battery Drain: 467 mW

Sudoku Android battery drain

For all of you Sudoku Android lovers out there, Sudoku 4ever is the best battery saver available. Sudoku 4ever has a battery drain rate of 467 mW, which is 40% lower than the average Android puzzle game.

3. Marble Legend Battery Drain: 479 mW

Marble Legend Android, a new zuma-style game, boasts fun graphics, an easy-to-learn concept, and superb battery usage. Marble Legend consumes 39% less battery than the average Android puzzle game battery drain rate.

4. Cut the Rope Battery Drain: 484 mW

Cut the Rope Battery Drain

The massively popular Android puzzle game Cut the Rope is both addictive to play for all ages and generally well performing regarding battery usage. The Cut the Rope: Experiments battery drain rate of 484 mW is 38% more efficient than the average Android puzzle game battery drain rate.

5. TETRIS Blitz Battery Drain: 558 mW

TETRIS Blitz is great battery saving Android puzzle game

TETRIS Blitz, EA’s take on the classic puzzle game, stands near the top of the puzzle game category for both downloads and battery drain rate. The TETRIS battery drain rate of 558 mW is 29% less than the average Android puzzle game battery drain rate.

Android Puzzle Games Battery Drain Rate (The 5 Most Battery Efficient Android Puzzle Games)

Puzzle Games Average Battery Chart

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