Basketball Battery Drainers: Battery Drain Rates of 7 Top Android Basketball Games

NBA fans across the globe have celebrated the return of the 2015-2016 NBA season as a chance to watch the Clippers and 29 other teams kick off their seasons. When not watching their favorite team go to battle on the court, basketball fans have taken to their favorite basketball games and apps. There’s several popular free Android basketball games vying for fans’ attention, but in exchange for their free price, it often can come at the expense of high battery drain due to in-app advertising and additional background-running processes, which may take away the battery endurance your device needs to get through the full season.

In this report, powered by App Quest, we’ll look at 7 of the top Android basketball games and see which drain the most battery in the foreground and background.

Real Basketball Android Battery Drain: 622 mW while onscreen and 284 mW in the background

With high-quality graphics, it may not surprise many that Real Basketball uses a significant amount of battery in the foreground. However, Real Basketball’s battery drain rate of 284 mW is the highest among all of the basketball games featured in this report.

Basketball Mania Android Battery Drain: 585 mW while onscreen and 258 mW in the background

Dude Perfect 2 Android Battery Drain: 639 mW while onscreen and 214 mW in the background

Miniclip’s Dude Perfect 2, inspired by the popular YouTube series, is among the highest battery drainers in the foreground, yet the second most conservative basketball app while running in the background.

Basketball Shoot Android Battery Drain: 665 mW while onscreen and 271 mW in the background

Basketball Shoot’s foreground battery drain rate of 665 mW leads all Android basketball games for exhausting the most battery.

Bouncy Basketball Android Battery Drain: 514 mW while onscreen and 250 mW in the background

Stickman Basketball Android Battery Drain: 513 mW while onscreen and 229 mW in the background

The Stickman Basketball Android app leads the way in efficiency when it comes to both usage in the foreground and background. The Stickman Basketball background battery drain rate of 37 mW is almost six times more efficient than the next lowest basketball game.

MyNBA2K16 Android Battery Drain: 657 mW while onscreen and 229 mW in the background

Despite primarily being a card-based companion app for the NBA 2K game, The MyNBA2K16 Android basketball app drains just as much battery as the other gameplay-based Android basketball apps.

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